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E.g., 07/10/2020

Janus Worldwide Holds Partners’ Day Event for Clients and Partners

True to its long-standing tradition, Janus Worldwide held another Partners’ Day event for clients and partners on December 3.

Janus Worldwide

Thursday, 19 December, 2019

The event program was especially varied and built around the most relevant issues, while the friendly atmosphere and high concentration of useful knowledge and interesting ideas once again proved to be among the event’s permanent features. Informal conversations between event participants during meal breaks further contributed to the warm ambiance.

During the event, guests had an opportunity to learn about new trends in the translation and localization industry from a detailed presentation given by President and CEO Konstantin Josseliani. A presentation on translation metrics given by Alena Idelchik, Head of the Linguistic Quality Department, demonstrated how to measure the unmeasurable or, in other words, how to quantify translation quality. Finally, Programmer Nikita Stolyarov and Senior Business Development Manager Anna Ivshina explained the capabilities of the updated Global Technology Platform, GTP 2.0, a Janus Worldwide proprietary product.

Participants also immersed themselves in the topic of machine translation, which is always surrounded by a lot of bias, and objectively answered the hot-button question: “To trust or not to trust?” The answer was facilitated by a presentation given by Evgenii Lipinsky, Project Team Lead in the Corporate Services Department. The final presentation of Partners’ Day was given by Alina Vasilyeva, Head of the German Projects Department, who talked about how Across helps corporate departments to manage translation projects with maximum efficiency.

The Partners’ Day event struck a chord with every participant and received a lot of positive feedback. For Janus Worldwide, this event has become more than just a tradition, it is a much-anticipated reunion of partners who inspire each other to reach new heights and secure new victories. We are grateful to all who participated in this wonderful event and we look forward to seeing you again!