E.g., 08/09/2020
E.g., 08/09/2020

Janus Worldwide expands its offer to include BPO for the publishing industry. Transform the way work gets done with our business outsourcing services.

Janus Worldwide

Wednesday, 1 April, 2020

This year, Janus Worldwide tried its hand at business process outsourcing (BPO) for ABB, a company operating in the field of publishing, releasing a non-fiction book, “The Goddess of Electricity,” that captures a stunning story about the formation of and changes to the allegorical image of electricity alongside the emergence and development of electrical engineering from the 1980s until the present day.

Today, global language service providers deliver a diverse spectrum of outsourcing services to their customers. Business process outsourcing involves almost all language-related areas, delivering cost-effective, efficient and scalable services to meet any complex and sophisticated business demand. 

Janus Worldwide has launched a publishing outsourcing service for companies who need to release printed materials of any nature: from business to scientific publications and novel literature.

Finding the right outlet through which to publish a work is crucial for any author. Ultimately, there should be a relationship match between proofreaders, designers and the author, who are embarking on their publishing journey in close partnership.

“Our first book has just been released and it refutes the famous saying about one’s ‘first pancake’,” says Anastasia Baulina, Head of the DTP Department at Janus Worldwide. “It was a very new experience for my team, and proved to be both educational and challenging at the same time. We broke down the complex task into discrete components which were executed by highly educated in-house specialists: design, the redrawing of illustrations, publishing proofreading, DTP, and print-run organization. We delivered a comprehensive service and received appreciative feedback from the author and from ABB,” adds Anastasia.

 “The Goddess of Electricity” is a remarkable example of a lightly scientific and historical work. It transports readers right to the heart of a phenomenon that has no equals in any other branches of science and technology. The book is rich with illustrations, following the author’s philosophy to “show rather than tell” and the educational content has been adapted in such a way as to keep the reader engaged until the very last word.