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E.g., 03/31/2020

itl and Häfele complete optimization of a complex translation and review process

itl Institut für technische Literatur AG

Monday, 1 July, 2013

For the translation of the new edition of the 2012 Häfele "Furniture and Hardware Fittings" catalog, process costs for Häfele were reduced by around 20% and internal effort at itl by around 25%.


The 1700-page "Furniture and Hardware Fittings" catalog – one of the most popular reference documents among Häfele customers – was translated for the first time by itl in 2008, into 11 European languages.


The complexity of an extensive project of this kind requires carefully designed processes as well as optimized involvement of all project participants. Looking back at the initial translation in 2008, it was clear that even greater automation of process steps as well as further enhancement of the integration between the various interfaces could be achieved. This was successfully implemented for the translation of the new 2012 edition, and the improvements both in terms of the actual processes and the tools and technology used speak for themselves.


In order to optimize collaboration between all project participants, a joint kick-off meeting was held before the project commenced, during which those responsible for the project at Häfele, itl and the external publication company, as well as the translators, and proofreaders from Häfele's sales offices, all had the opportunity to get to know each other in person. The positive impact of this meeting was obvious throughout the project: although the deadlines were tight, all those involved were proactive when it came to consulting each other, helping to build a basis for mutual trust. This was also confirmed by a Häfele project manager: "Those involved in the project actively communicated with one another at all times. As a result, the quality (less corrections), schedule and budget requirements were all on target. Rather than "moaning" about anonymous third parties, we all worked together."


In order to facilitate precise tracking of the project for all those involved throughout the project, and in order to ensure that the individual languages remained aligned with one another, itl established a web-based schedule management system with individual access rights that was tailored exactly to the project at hand.


itl was also successful in optimizing the review process in the target markets. In order to avoid complex corrections in PDF files using comments and notes, itl utilized the online review tool [i]-correct, which had been developed as part of a joint project just prior to commencing the translations. Using this tool, the translation process can be easily enhanced without any risk, as the native translation memory data can be used without any changes and reimported into the system following correction. As [i]-correct is an online solution, reviewers can access the document to be reviewed via a weblink and a password, and enter their corrections directly into the document without sending any files. As the reviewers must also observe the same segment structure in the review portal as the translator, using this tool in the Häfele project ensured that reviewers were able to work in a disciplined fashion and also develop a better understanding of the translation process as a whole.
Together, all of these factors ensured that the project could be "completed entirely on schedule and within budget", as confirmed by Häfele project management.