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E.g., 04/05/2020

ITC Global Translations is Pleased to Announce The Opening of Our New Office in Montreal, Canada

ITC Global Translations

Wednesday, 22 April, 2015

All of us at ITC Global Translations are thrilled to announce that we’ve just opened our third office!  In addition to our locations in the United States and France, we’re now very happy to be able to open this new branch of our translation company in Montreal, Canada as well.  Having a third office in yet another country enables us to provide our professional translation services to even more clients around the world; news all of our team members are thrilled to share.

A Growing Translation Company

When ITC Global Translations started 15 years ago, we looked a bit different than we do now.  Although we were somewhat small, we didn’t just plan for our company’s immediate needs.  We knew even then that it was important to look forward toward the future as well.  

Today, ITC Global Translations is a steadily growing translation company.  We have 1,500 specialized linguists based around the world who are highly skilled in translating any type of media that’s currently in use.  We’ve provided translation services for non-profit organizations, tech companies, travel agencies, the medical industry, the military, and many other types of specialities with 100% client satisfaction.  Not only that, we’ve positioned ourselves on the cutting edge of the translation field so we can offer the best translation services no matter what our customers need.  As a result, our translation company has enjoyed steady growth over the years and our projected outlook is positive as well.  

Our New Montreal Office Brings Benefits for Clients and Staff

Opening our new Montreal office was a necessary next step for ITC Global Translations because it offers so many benefits for our clients as well as our staff.  Our clients will find that our expansion will bring added convenience and quality to our already stellar translation and localization services.  With a presence in the United States, Europe, and Canada we’re also now able to bring even more personalized services to our clients wherever they’re located in the world.  

With our new office in Canada ITC Global Translations staff will gain access to additional state of the art translation tools that will help inform and guide the content they produce.  We’ll also be able to expand our network of translators, linguists, and project managers to enable us to bring our highly rated translation and localization services to even more clients.    

The Future Looks Bright

As we move forward toward our future things are looking bright!  Over the last 15 years, we’ve created a translation company that continues to consistently give its clients what they want through our commitment to proactive relationships and superior translations. With the help of this expansion into Canada along with the realization of other goals and objectives we’ve set for our company, ITC Global Translations is prepared to remain a top translation agency poised for a bright future of continued growth and quality service to all our clients.