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It’s all about Best Practice: Experience practical user presentations by the European Investment Bank, Braahmam Net Solutions and SwissGlobal at the Plunet Summit 2017

Plunet GmbH

Wednesday, 19 April, 2017

On June 1-2, 2017, Plunet will host the first international user conference “Plunet Summit” in Berlin. The Plunet Summit is the must-go event for all translation agencies and language services that use Plunet solutions. Companies who do not use Plunet but are interested in TMS technologies and automation strategies are also very welcome to participate.

The Plunet Summit will provide all participants with a platform where they can share knowledge and learn from each other. Along with expert panel discussions, certifications for project managers and networking events, the Plunet Summit focuses on the experiences of our users. This is why we will also give the mic to those who know all about it.

A sneak preview:

Plunet in High Security Environments - Randi Groenbaek, European Investment Bank

The Linguistic Services Division of the European Investment Bank has been using Plunet as its central business and workflow management system since 2012. In this exclusive user presentation, you will find out how the language service of the EIB incorporated Plunet into its own IT infrastructure. This took place under consideration of the existing high security aspects, sensitive processes and requirements within the company. The presentation will also include useful recommendations about this process for other Plunet users.

The Ultimate Tips & Tricks Session. Extending Plunet Features and Workarounds - Biraj Rath, Braahmam Net Solutions 

Every company is unique and so are its customers and internal processes. But what if you want to really extract the maximum benefit from your Plunet BusinessManager? Biraj Rath from Braahmam Net Solutions will give you an exclusive insight into how his company works with Plunet. He will show you some advanced Plunet features and workarounds to get the most out of your first choice translation management system.

Let’s Go ISO with Plunet! First Hand Experiences and Recommendations on the ISO 17100:2015 and  9001:2015 Evaluation Process - Christine Kamer, SwissGlobal

Many translation service providers nowadays are becoming ISO certified or plan to do so in the near future. Christine Kamer is responsible for analyzing complex requirements and the successful implementation of the ISO certification at SwissGlobal. In her presentation, she will demonstrate how companies using Plunet can quickly and easily overcome the challenges of certification.

And much more… http://www.plunet-summit.com/program/

More information on the Plunet Summit and ticket sales can be found on the official conference website: www.plunet-summit.com

The Plunet Summit ticket includes:

Participation in all talks, networking sessions, workshops (e.g. Plunet certifications for project managers), lunch and coffee breaks, and much more

Admission to the Plunet Summit warm-up event on May 31, 2017

Admission to the Plunet Party in the evening of the first day (1 June, 2017)

Tickets are still available until May at the discounted early bird price of 350 EUR (exclusive 19% VAT).

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