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ISI Translation Services Helps Tell Personal Holocaust Story, Editing Celebrated Survivor’s Memoir March to Freedom For Spanish-Speaking Audiences

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Tuesday, 1 November, 2011

Spanish Language Version Now Available at Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES (Nov. 1, 2011) – “As the years passed, fewer and fewer survivors remained. I realized that my stories must live on after me, so I began to write them down.” 


So goes the “Prologue” of Edith Singer’s March to Freedom. Indeed, her stories live on.


ISI Translation Services (www.ISItrans.com) helped edit the Spanish translation of March to Freedom: A Memoir of the Holocaust, an inspirational personal account of the Holocaust, written by Singer and published by Impact Publishing (www.Impact-Publishing.com).


The Spanish-language version is now available on Amazon.com, at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, and from Impact Publishing.


This was a pro bono undertaking for ISI, but for company founder and president George Rimalower it was more than a project – it was a connection of his passion for cross-cultural understanding and his own family’s Holocaust experiences.


In her memoir, Edith Singer gives a first-hand account of the Holocaust. When she was 16, the Nazis placed Singer and her family in the Auschwitz death camp. She describes daily life in camp, recalling details both poignant and horrifying to describe meals, roll call, sleeping, tattoos, sabotage, miracles and eventually her march to freedom. To see a two-minute video of Edith telling part of her story, click here: http://www.impact-publishing.com.


Unlike other books on the Holocaust, this memoir is positive – amidst unimaginable loss of human rights, Singer maintains her faith, risks her life to sabotage Nazi missile production, and makes sacrifices for others. Singer’s story is taught in high school, college and university classes, and in juvenile detention facilities.


“This is the kind of project that brings together all I believe in,” said Rimalower. “In the generous sharing of her own pain, Edith Singer helps the world understand the experiences of millions. And now her story is translated into Spanish – to bring that same understanding to multiple other cultures. Through our stories we understand each other, and through language we can tell our stories. There’s nothing more powerful.”   


Rimalower’s own parents were Holocaust survivors who fled Nazi Germany and then met each other in Argentina. He spent his first dozen years amid the political and economic chaos of that volatile South American country, in the 1950s and ‘60s. His family moved to the United States when he was in junior high. His early cross-cultural experiences gave him a passion for language and inspired him to shape his career around offering language services to help organizations and people communicate.


It was Rimalower’s personal experiences and his first-hand expertise with the Jewish culture, religion and heritage that helped contribute to the success of the Spanish translation of Singer’s story, said Adam Kempler, owner of Impact Publishing.


“George brought a unique perspective and passion to this project,” said Kempler. “His own personal experiences helped us translate Edith’s story accurately for an audience he knows well. Edith’s story covers a very dark period in history but nevertheless is optimistic and positive about the human condition.”


March to Freedom was published in 2008 in English, and has been selling at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. The museum requested a Spanish-language translation to meet the needs of the many Spanish-speakers who visit the museum. Kempler expects to offer the book throughout Central and South America, and he offers a free book in English or Spanish (or both) to any teacher, administrator or bookseller who wants to promote tolerance through March to Freedom. Simply request it through [email protected].


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George Rimalower started translating in the ‘70s back when the typewriter was high-tech. He founded ISI Translation Services, Inc., in 1982 and was joined by his wife Cathi in 1986. Today, ISI is known worldwide for combining the latest technology with expert human touch at every stage – from project management to translating, editing, desktop publishing, proofreading and review – to enable successful communication in 100 languages and dialects. ISI serves a wide range of industries and organizations, specializing in healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceutical and financial services. ISI was one of the first to address the special linguistic and cultural needs of both non- and limited-English-proficient communities of the United States. ISI is based in Los Angeles, with hundreds of translators in the United States and worldwide.


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