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ISI Names Advisory Board for ITAP, Its Web-Based Language Assessment Tool for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

ISI Language Solutions

Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

LOS ANGELES (June 26, 2012) – ISI Translation Services (www.ISItrans.com) today announced the formation of an advisory board for its popular online language assessment tool – the Interpreter Training & Assessment Program (ITAP). 


ITAP is a proprietary web-based program that helps identify, screen and improve the skills of bilingual staff members and volunteers at medical facilities throughout the United States, so they can serve as ad hoc language facilitators as needed.  ISI offers one of the only such programs in the country able to test for any language, in addition to English. 


ISI’s ITAP advisory board is made up of medical professionals, linguists and legal experts who review ITAP and make recommendations on an annual basis.  Advisors include:

  • Allison L. Bearden, MD, MPH, Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center
  • Stanley Ross Coleite, Esq.
  • Jan Dauer, M.D. FACEP
  • Isabel Framer, President & CEO, Language Access Consultants, LLC
  • Susan J. Rabinovitz, RN, MPH
  • Patricia Sanchez, Esq., Fenton-Nelson
  • Assa Weinberg, M.D.


“ISI's ITAP is an essential resource for hospitals and all healthcare providers, making it as easy as possible for organizations to determine language proficiency for ad hoc interpreters,” said Jan Dauer, M.D. FACEP.


“These experts share our passion for making healthcare understandable and accessible no matter the language, and we appreciate their enthusiasm in helping us make ITAP a useful tool for hospitals and healthcare providers,” said George Rimalower, ISI founder and president. “Both language and healthcare continually evolve, and it’s critical that in a healthcare setting the person acting as ad hoc interpreter be qualified to serve the patients well.”


Since 1990, ISI’s ITAP has tested more than 20,000 healthcare workers in the United States. ITAP helps organizations meet various industry standards for language proficiency in a healthcare setting:


Based on the ASTM International spectrum, ITAP helps determine the proficiency level of each staff person and can identify in what situations each individual can serve as interpreter.


ITAP meets the six components for initial assessment of healthcare interpreting qualifications set by the National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare’s Guide to Initial Assessment of Interpreter Qualifications.


ITAP meets the guidance offered by the United States Department of Health & Human Services Office for Civil Rights. /p>


ITAP tests for all models of effective message conversion recommended by the NCIHC National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs.


Beyond compliance, ITAP helps healthcare organizations improve overall quality of care and limited-English proficiency (LEP) patient compliance with medical instructions, through more accurate and culturally relevant communications.


The assessment determines which bilingual staff members have sufficient general and technical language proficiency to serve as ad hoc interpreters in a medical setting.  ITAP works for all languages, screens both English and the second language, and screens both oral and written comprehension.  ITAP is designed for ad hoc interpreters, and is not meant to screen for professional linguists.


ISI also offers training workshops that help eligible bilingual staff learn to provide quality interpreting that is both accurate and culturally relevant. 


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