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E.g., 04/03/2020

Introducing a service never before offered in the Baltic States – Luisa’s Junior Service!

Luisa Translation Agency

Friday, 15 February, 2013


At the end of last year Luisa Translation Agency, in cooperation with the University of Tartu, launched a new project for young translators. These rising stars will be translating simpler, more general texts. Whereas before many clients have sought to translate such texts themselves, they can now send them to us for junior translation – and pay less than they would for regular orders.


We’re offering the following junior translation language combinations:






The price per source word includes translation by a junior translator, proofreading or editing (as required) by an experienced native speaker and a pre-delivery check.


What’s the difference between a regular and a junior translation?

The difference is in the price and the translator. The junior service differs from our regular service in that the translators are talented students who have come through a competitive selection process, each confident in their own field and direction of translation.

Our young translators work on everyday subjects – business correspondence, educational materials, summaries of lengthy texts (for clearer understanding or in-company use), instruction manuals, tourism and hotel industry texts and more which secretaries and administrative assistants are often asked to translate themselves. And let’s not forget students translating such materials for their studies!

So you can now order everyday translations at discounted prices – but still with Luisa’s guarantee of quality.


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