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InterSol Selects SDL TeamWorks to Drive Value-Added Services and Customer Loyalty

SDL plc

Thursday, 4 August, 2005

SDL enables language service provider to meet evolving needs of global enterprises

Maidenhead, UK -- SDL International, the world's leading provider of global information management solutions, today announced that InterSol, Inc. has fully standardized its globalization operations on SDL TeamWorks, a next-generation solution that accelerates the flow of global information to world markets. InterSol selected SDL to provide its customers with higher value-added services, thereby exceeding its customers' expectations and increasing loyalty.

InterSol (www.intersolinc.com) and other language service providers (LSPs) are fast becoming the most important link in the globalization supply chain that delivers product content to global audiences. This supply chain is a complex process that includes authoring, content management, localization, publishing, and other tasks performed in different parts of the world and on different technology platforms. With SDL global information management solutions, LSPs are able to unify and accelerate the work of all participants across the entire globalization supply chain. As a result, SDL-powered LSPs enable global businesses to strengthen relationships with their customers worldwide by providing more accurate information and consistent branding.

Even before it selected SDL TeamWorks, InterSol differentiated itself by offering more than translation services. The company provides specialized services such as software, medical, and technical localization for enterprise clients such as Bayer HealthCare, LLC, Rockwell Collins, and Toyota. In addition, InterSol guides its clients through the cultural, technical, and legal nuances needed to enhance performance in targeted countries.

As InterSol approached its tenth anniversary, its executives wanted the company to take the next step to continue differentiating itself. After evaluating several products, the company selected SDL TeamWorks because it is not limited to addressing a specific task in the authoring-to-publishing supply chain. Instead, by optimizing the entire globalization supply chain, SDL TeamWorks enables InterSol to provide value beyond translation, helping its clients more effectively compete in world markets.

Susana Turbitt, president of InterSol, explained, "Most of our customers very quickly saw the impact SDL TeamWorks had on us helping them achieve their goals, whether they needed to accelerate entry into new markets or increase customer satisfaction with higher-quality content. Customer loyalty is very important to us, and SDL helps us attain it."

"In their competitive industry, it is becoming increasingly important for LSPs to differentiate themselves," said Keith Laska, Vice President Desktop Technology at SDL. "Industry leaders like InterSol are adopting global information management solutions to offer strategic value-added services for their clients. We are seeing momentum for our solutions continue to build as more LSPs recognize that the new capabilities they gain can provide a competitive edge both for their clients and for the LSPs themselves."

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