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Interpro completes multi-language, multimillion word healthcare translation project

Interpro Translation Solutions, Inc.

Tuesday, 10 February, 2009

Lisle, IL (February 10, 2009) - DrTango is the premiere provider of multicultural healthcare marketing, health management and healthcare communications solutions. They partner with healthcare organizations to effectively reach their multicultural markets by offering culturally specific products and services such as Healthcare Translation Services, Multilingual Websites and Wellness Programs.

In spring, 2008, DrTango approached Interpro with an opportunity to partner with them on a critical client project involving the translation of healthcare-related materials. Legislation mandated that these health plans provide language assistance services to their enrollees having limited English proficiency, stipulating that all vital documents be translated into threshold languages, the top five of which included Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Interpro's objective was to deliver over 22,500 pages and 10 million words of translated, desktop published, and user acceptance-tested healthcare-related materials in a variety of source application formats and within an 8 month period of time. Using state-of the-art translation memory technology, experienced project management methodologies, and its worldwide network of strategic translation partners, Interpro delivered multilingual product on an as-completed basis, ahead of schedule. This allowed DrTango and its client valuable time to implement cultural and linguistics program system changes in time for their end of year deadline, allowing them to proactively translate 97% of system-generated vital documents.

"Not only did Interpro deliver an incredible volume of translation and desktop publishing services, they did it without compromising quality," stated Mack Campbell, DrTango's Director of Translation Operations. "Their experienced teams of translators, project managers, engineers, and desktop publishers - coupled with DrTango's expertise in healthcare communications solutions - allowed our combined teams to deliver the project well before the client's deadline, despite several months delay in being able to start the project."

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