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Interpreting Services Industry Added to Common Sense Advisorys Research and Consulting Expertise

Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

(BOSTON) – From telemedicine to court interpreting to intelligent call routing for multilingual callers, Common Sense Advisory, Inc. has seen a dramatic increase in requests for research and consulting on interpreting services. To meet this client need, the Boston-area research and consulting firm has added interpreting industry expert Nataly Kelly to its team of analysts. Nataly joins the firm as a senior analyst and will lead the firm’s research on interpreting services. Her first publications, “Interpreting Creeps Toward Automation” and “Certification Fixation in the Interpreting Field,” are available now to Common Sense Advisory’s research members.

Nataly has a specialized interest in remote language mediation, such as telephone and video interpreting. Her book, “Telephone Interpreting: A Comprehensive Guide to the Profession,” is the first full-length book published on the topic, and has received praise from industry gurus and academics at leading universities. She is currently editing her second book, “From Our Lips to Your Ears: How Interpreters Are Changing the World,” a collection of stories about the important role interpreters play in society.

Since 1996, she has worked in the language services industry as a member of senior management, as a consultant, and as an interpreter, for some of the largest telephone interpreting providers in the world. Before joining Common Sense Advisory, she worked at Language Line Services from 1996 through 2001, and then co-founded a consulting company where she served as Director of Research and Training. She later served as Director of Product Development with another telephone interpreting company, where she oversaw the development of innovative products and services, including language proficiency testing, video interpreting, and an accredited national program for cultural competence training.

“Spoken language remains a major growth area worldwide for both government and business,” said Donald A. DePalma, chief research officer at Common Sense Advisory. “With the addition of Nataly to our analyst team, we can help our clients better meet the needs of – and realize the opportunities generated by – multilingual populations throughout the world."

Nataly is a certified court interpreter (Spanish<>English), has worked as a freelance translator and editor, is an elected member of the board of directors of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care, and serves on the American Translators Association interpreter certification committee.

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