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International Claims Against German Companies On the Rise

Translation Services Necessary

Wagner Consulting LLC

Thursday, 14 January, 2016

Translations play an integral role for international communication of legal documents and claims, especially under the Hague Service Convention.

The increase in claims from the United States against German companies and claims within Germany have risen dramatically and have seen a significant increase, due to the manipulation of exhaust fumes by a large automobile manufacturer in recent months. However, international claims have even higher requirements, both for the litigants and in terms of formalities, and particularly during internationally controlled trials, all which translation agencies are a necessity.

A key example of this is a claim filed by a US company, which wanted to serve documents to a company based in Germany. For claims that apply outside the United States, in this case by a German company, the Hague Service Convention (first enforced November 15th, 1964) applies. This regulates, among other procedures, the method of service and dictates what needs to be translated in the documents to be served and how these documents must be served.

German courts in particular attach great importance to the formal requirements of proper delivery, and claims can be delayed by the disregard of formalities or at worst rejected.

Wagner Consulting International already serves numerous US companies and works closely with law firms, which rely on the experience and expertise of Wagner Consulting International in the preparation of translations of court documents. To protect the secrecy of the contents and to meet the high quality requirements for legal documents, Wagner Consulting International uses in-house translators. Prior to delivery of the translation, the documents are in-house thoroughly and repeatedly checked to meet quality requirements, as well as to ensure that it meets the needs of foreign, in this case German, courts.

A great challenge that legal translations face is the legal aspect of intellectual assets. Like all legal translations, lawsuit translations require coherence between two legal systems. The legal translators of Wagner Consulting International are able to understand the laws of the source as well as the target country to create translations that conform to the legal system of the target audience.

Legal translation of such documents is a challenging job to the extent that even the slightest of mistakes may lead to serious legal problems. However, it is imperative to choose a partner with specific skills and appropriate knowledge of the legal code to ensure accuracy and avoid legal repercussions.

At the same time, of course, the defence’s position is also challenging. In particular, written submissions in this case (often) need to be translated, so that they can be admissible by the court abroad or here in the United States, and thus avoid the deadline set by the court from resulting in a default judgment.

Claims with an international element therefore are both arduous for the applicant and opponent, since during international actions, hundreds of written submissions must be viewed, and logically must be translated for use as information or as evidence in court.

To meet these high demands and the time pressure of the trial, it is recommended to bring a translation agency on board, so that seamless communication between the client, law firm, court and opposing law firm is preserved.

Wagner Consulting International is among the leaders in this area, and supports international law firms in the US and overseas. Wagner Consulting provides, inter alia, extensive translation services as well as the screening of documents, summary of multilingual documents for clarity or the extensive production of certified translations for use in court.


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