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Industry Trade Group Helps Europe Promote Language Diversity

Thursday, 3 October, 2013

GALA Endorses Translator Education, Technology Innovation


The world’s leading language industry trade association is working with the European Union (EU) to promote three major linguistic initiatives focused on translation technology innovation, automated translation, and advanced translator education.


As part of the EU’s current efforts and a future initiative dubbed Horizon 2020, the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is working to build a stronger multilingual infrastructure throughout Europe. A comprehensive program to increase Europe’s competitiveness through research and innovation, Horizon 2020 includes a strong focus on Europe’s multilingual needs and capabilities.


Among its language initiatives is QT LaunchPad, a European Commission-funded program to improve translation technology through industry collaboration with European research institutes. QT LaunchPad focuses on identifying and overcoming barriers to high-quality translation and developing evaluation metrics, quality estimation, and optimization of language resources.


GALA is also the voice of the language industry in connection with META-NET, a program fostering the technological foundations of a multilingual European information society by developing automatic translation capabilities across all European languages. This effort will enhance the progress of intuitive language-based interfaces for technology ranging from household electronics, machinery, vehicles, computers, robots, and more.


In other initiatives, GALA endorses the European Master’s in Translation, a partnership between the European Commission and higher education institutions that offer master’s level translation degrees. The goal is to establish a quality level for university translation programs to enhance the skills of new entrants into the job market. GALA is also a partner in LIND-Web and TransCert, an effort to create urgently needed certification of translators in Europe.


“Understanding and incorporating the professional language industry’s point of view into Horizon 2020’s linguistic initiatives will play a critical role in building the next generation of multilingual infrastructure in Europe,” said Hans Fenstermacher, CEO of GALA. “With 24 official languages in the EU and countless regional languages and dialects to consider, we commend the EU for its efforts to promote multilingual access and equality.”


For more information on GALA services or to join, visit the GALA web site at www.gala-global.org.



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GALA is the worldwide voice for the language industry and a resource for the language business. With member companies from more than 60 countries, GALA is the world’s largest localization trade association. www.gala-global.org.




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