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E.g., 04/02/2020

iDISC Opens a New Production Site in Brazil

iDISC opens a production site in Porto Alegre, continuing the company’s expansion focused on satisfying the growing demand for translation services into Latin American languages.

iDISC Information Technologies, S.L.

Wednesday, 22 February, 2017

The new production office in Porto Alegre supplements and enhances the iDISC team in Brazil, establishing a distributed and local management and production strategy to satisfy the growing demand for translation services in Latin American languages.

This past December, iDISC conducted a personnel exchange between its various offices. This exchange was carried out so that the company could make production processes more consistent, integrate local teams, and promote the transfer of practical knowledge between the company’s offices.

The Porto Alegre team, as well the team from Xalapa, Mexico, have consolidated their existing customer service, and are now available for 17 hours straight, from 8:00am to 1:00am (GMT +1 - CET) Monday through Friday, so that clients in different time zones can contact iDISC during their normal workday. Our local teams and extended hours of operation will enable us to provide our clients with greater availability, flexibility and reliability for projects associated with Latin America, whether their target language is Spanish or Portuguese. It also guarantees that know-how is maintained within the company.

This structure provides fast service and improves the balances of work and specialization, which will lead to higher quality, greater efficiency, and faster turn-around times for our clients’ projects.

We anticipate that during 2017, new teams will be established in the Americas, furthering the global expansion of the company.

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