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Wednesday, 5 March, 2008

MILWAUKEE, WI (JANUARY 28, 2008) - International Communications by Design, Inc., announced today that it was extending its global reach and capabilities by adding new expertise to its management team.
Jeffrey Jorgensen joins ICD as the new Global Sales Manager. A business owner for 17 years with a strong marketing background, Jorgensen holds a BS in Economics with a business minor and an international business certificate from the University of Wisconsin.

ICD will leverage Jorgensen’s experience in international markets to counsel customers in export requirements relating to translation and localization of their products. As ICD expand its customer base and branches into more industries, Jorgensen will evaluate the regulatory climate and business needs of new industries, helping sellers connect with the language needs of their customers.

Jorgensen’s background in Economics supports ICD’s goals of cost reduction and cost savings for its customers. With his international marketing experience, Jorgensen brings insight to ICD and its customers in the effect of export regulations on translation and the enhancement of global market potential through translation and localization.

Virginie Olier joins ICD as the new headquarters office manager. With 10 years experience running a business, Olier brings extensive organizational skills to ICD, experience with customer service, and trade show knowledge. Olier also brings expertise in purchasing and contributes to ICD’s ongoing commitment to cost savings. Olier is bilingual, speaking and writing French and English.

Lionel Lim joins ICD as a project manager within the production department. Among Lim’s production tasks are file analysis to provide word counts for quotations and processing of files through the SDLX translation tool. As an expert in all file types, Lim specializes in analyzing and extracting any source content that customers may need to have translated.

Lim’s familiarity with all major desktop publishing (DTP) software enables him to more accurately quote costs for DTP of translated files and support ICD’s commitment to accuracy and cost reduction. Lim brings to ICD specialized experience in InDesign and Quark files. Among the other strengths Lim adds to the ICD management team are his ability to choose translation resources to meet the project needs, depending on subject matter and language experience. With a BA in English-Technical Writing and experience as a technical writer, Lim’s excellent command of the English language–-in addition to his native tongue, Bahasa--enables ICD to make recommendations for source content changes that can result in improved translations for customers.

International Communication by Design, Inc., is a full-service language service provider (LSP) headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, with a network of translation and localization professionals located around the globe. Using only native language translators accredited by the American Translator’s Association (ATA) in over 50 languages, ICD supports the multilingual needs of a broad range of industries—from aeronautics to banking, medical to transportation. With its nearly 20 years of experience in providing complete globalization services, ICD is a recognized leader in providing on-time and accurate language services worldwide. For more information on ICD, visit us on the web at www.icdtranslation.com.

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