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How to Create an Inspirational Company Video

By: By: Christina Comben (Content Manager) - Day Translations, Inc.

11 April 2016

You’ve done your research about content marketing. You’ve got the program, designer and budget in place to create a corporate video. That’s great. Now what? How do you design a truly inspiring piece of audio-visual content that will speak to your buyer personas and urge them to take action? This can be challenging within the language industry, as the benefits of localization and translation are not always understood or appreciated.

So how do you deliver a compelling message that will explain the importance of localization, drive traffic and sales, and spur potential viral distribution? And how do you avoid falling into the pitfalls of the drab and the boring, the long-winded and the information overloaded?

Know Your Audience

As you’re already aware, a successful marketing campaign is all about targeting. You can create the most finely crafted message in the world, but if you send it to the wrong people, then you may as well be writing in white ink in the snow; or in this case, playing your video on mute.

So make sure you do your research. Know who you want to speak to about your language services, what you want to say, and most importantly, what action you want them to take. Not all of your language products or services will appeal to all of your customers; not everything you have to say will resonate with everyone, so keep your message relevant and targeted to your key buyer personas.

It’s Not All About You

Just as your website should be written to your customers and not at them, with benefit-driven content that identifies their problems and provides a solution; so should your corporate video focus on what really matters to them. Most companies forget everything they learned in Content Marketing 101 when it comes to their corporate videos, and fail to speak from their client’s perspective.

Ever played a video of your children’s gymnastic tournament to your friends and family and failed to make it to the end without noticeable loss of concentration from your nearest and dearest? Even the most invested of people lose interest when watching something that doesn’t involve them. Your customers don’t really care about your history and work processes, so avoid a waffling rhetoric that fails to consider what they care about. Remember to keep it about them. Be sure to consider and display how the language services you provide impact customers' daily lives.

The Emotional Pull

In B2B, it's easy to forget that you’re still speaking to people. Just because they’re businessmen and women at work, doesn’t mean that they appreciate long, stuffy words and rational explanations. While purely marketing to emotions may not be enough to get all serious clients to convert, remember that the people watching your video are human first and CEOs, CFOs, or CMOs second.

If your corporate video is all about facts, figures, rates and other numbers, most viewers won’t make it to the end. So make sure you connect with them on an emotional level and evoke feelings inside of them (humor, confidence, joy, pride, etc.). Make your video memorable, sharable and leave them wanting to take the next step through your sales funnel.  

Not What You Do; What You Believe In

Here’s the part where inspirational comes in. With an ocean of competition offering the same services as you, this is the perfect way to distinguish yourself from the pack. So don’t just talk about what you do; let customers know what you believe in. What motivates your staff to be better? What inspires you to get up in the morning and ?

What are your core values that will resonate with your audience and stir up emotions in them, spur them to share your content on social, or become an advocate for your company? It might sound obvious, but inspiring videos need to be inspiring. So if your script is talking about when you set up production, how many shoes you sell a year or what your best practices are; then it’s time to get back to the drawing board.

And Of Course...Don’t Forget to Localize!

The really great thing about video is that it allows you to add a lot of information in a short space of time and capture your audience audio-visually. So now you’ve made the most of the infinite possibilities that this media provides you–you’ve created a message that makes your customers actually feel something–make sure you don’t forget to localize it for different clients and cultures around the world. We in the localization industry are abundantly aware of this need as we provide these services to our clients every day, but it of course applies to our own content as well. 

Don't forget to select the right voices for your characters. Video voice-over service providers should act as talent casting agencies; not just delivering you with the right local language, but the same tone, passion and purpose delivered in your original piece. Otherwise you could be missing out on your chance to spread your inspirational message globally.

Again, localization is our life in this industry! We do it every day. We know its importance. But it is also relevant for our own promotional materials, as well as for the materials we are producing for our clients. You have the experts right in your office; so set up a brainstroming session with your team and start planning your targeted, inspirational corporate videos! 

Christina Comben is a freelance copywriter specializing in B2B website content, marketing materials, article writing, and blogging. Multilingual and qualified to MBA level, Christina has produced investor guides and economic reports in developing countries for Spanish newspaper ABC and currently works as Content Manager at Day Translations.