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E.g., 07/10/2020

GTE Localize Announces A New Partnership With WPML

GTE Localize is pleased to announce that we have recently partnered up with WPML – the world’s most popular Multilingual plugin for WordPress websites.

GTE Localize

Monday, 13 January, 2020

Hanoi, Vietnam – December 2nd, 2019 – GTE Localize is pleased to announce that we have recently partnered up with WPML – the world’s most popular Multilingual plugin for WordPress websites. The collaboration between GTE Localize and WPML enables our company to automatically and seamlessly translate and localize our clients’ website content directly on the WordPress platform.

As a professional translation and localization agency providing website translation for clients from all over the world, GTE Localize understands that a seamlessly translated and localized website is the key to make a splash in the global market. That’s why we are striving every day to find the most efficient solutions for our website translation services.

The partnership with WPML gives us an integrated approach to solving the fundamental difficulties in managing multilingual websites. Instead of following a time-consuming manual process (including exporting files, sending files to translators, receiving translated files, and uploading files into the website), this plugin allows our clients to integrate their WordPress content with the GTE Localize system, send and receive translated versions within the client’s CMS.


About WPML

WPML is a plugin for WordPress that helps you build a multilingual website by letting you write and translate content into different languages. WordPress powers over 20% of the entire Internet and almost a million sites using WPML. WPML is a product of OnTheGoSystems, providing 6 days per week and 19 hours per day support.


About GTE Localize

GTE Localize is a mid-size fast-growing translation and localization agency focusing on Asian languages. GTE Localize works with a deep network of hundreds of experienced native linguists who are able to handle various industry experts, ranging from Life-science, Business – Legal to Manufacturing – Engineering and IT – Software. Driven by the philosophy of putting quality and customers’ satisfaction first, the company has been serving and become a trusted partner of over 182 business-to-business clients from all over the world.

For further information, please visit our website: https://gtelocalize.com/