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GPI Launches Enhanced Translation Services Portal for Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Globalization Partners International (GPI)

Thursday, 21 May, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC (May 21, 2009) - Globalization Partners International (GPI), a provider of website, software and documentation translation services in over 100 languages, announced today that it has released its new Translation Services Portal www.translationportal.com with customized versions for specific global industries including hotels and hospitality.

“The Hotel and Hospitality Industry is dealing with some fundamental challenges due to the economic slowdown and is focusing sharply on cost containment and the bottom line, leveraging brand name, the Internet, and globalization - entering new emerging markets,” said Martin Spethman, GPI’s Managing Partner. “GPI’s translation portal may help the hospitality industry achieve savings of up to 30% on their global translation costs by consolidating volumes, lowering per word costs, minimizing project coordination times, and ensuring consistency of their brands and content across the globe.”

Features of the translation portal include:

- 24/7, web-based access with various access privileges
- Quick Quote Calculator
- Submit and pick up files
- Real time status reports for quotes and projects
- Free hosting and customizations – no IT costs for hotels
- Utilization of central translation memories,company glossaries and style guides
- Libraries for travel guides, language phrase books, glossaries and style guides

“Many hotels, franchises and global chains want to provide their corporate offices, restaurants and/or hotel properties with consistent, quality and cost-effective translation services for an array of content including web content, in-room directories, training materials, menus, event brochures and hospitality kits,” said Peter Betts, GPI’s Director of Business Development. “Hotel Marketing, Food & Beverage and Web Teams can all initiate and monitor any translations globally. This will ensure content which is translated for properties in Dubai or London can also be used by properties in Las Vegas or Macau.”