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Globalization Partners International and International Checkout partner to provide comprehensive e-commerce website localization services.

Globalization Partners International (GPI)

Tuesday, 5 August, 2014

Globalization Partners International (GPI), a provider of comprehensive document, software and website translation services, announced today a strategic partnership with International Checkout, a premier provider of global e-commerce checkout solutions, payment, and fulfillment services.

“Providing local language content that has been search engine optimized is a fundamental requirement for success with global e-commerce companies,” says Martin Spethman, Managing Partner at Globalization Partners International. “Merchants planning on capitalizing on opportunities in global e-commerce will need websites that support local languages and currencies, as well as handle payments, returns and fulfillment on a global basis - capabilities enabled by International Checkout and GPI’s services.”

GPI’s comprehensive e-commerce website translation services include:

  • CMS website and e-commerce platform localization strategy
  • Web content management system translation connectors
  • Best practices workflows for content translation and catalog updates
  • Cultural correctness assessments
  • Translation and copy writing of all content
  • Graphics and multimedia localization
  • Country-specific multilingual search engine marketing (SEO-SEA)
  • Website localization QA and testing

“International Checkout's integrated solution enables consumers worldwide to browse and add items to a shopping cart directly on the merchant's website, receive real time price quotes in their local currency and the option to include duties and taxes at a guaranteed rate,” says Kathy Beteta, EVP at International Checkout. “Our partnership with GPI will help our clients globally enable their e-commerce websites with comprehensive website localization services in a range of languages from Arabic to Spanish.”

International Checkout’s global e-commerce solution includes:

  • Fraud-free guarantee on every order
  • More than 60 local currencies supported
  • Fast, trackable, and insured fulfillment to over 250 destinations
  • Export and Customs compliance
  • Large range of localized payment options
  • Ship globally from your own fulfillment center direct to the customer
  • World class multilingual customer service
  • Automated returns management

About Globalization Partners International (GPI)
Globalization Partners International, LLC provides an array of translation services that help companies communicate with the world. GPI’s services enable firms to design, develop, and deploy multilingual documentation, software and websites for worldwide use. Services include: Document Translation , Multilingual Desktop Publishing , Audio/Video Translation , Software Translation , Website Translation and Global Search Engine Marketing . To learn more, visit: www.globalizationpartners.com.

About International Checkout Inc
Since 2003, International Checkout (IC) has been the must have global e-commerce solution for U.S. brands and retailers. By eliminating the risks and hurdles associated with international payment and fulfillment, IC enables its clients to gain access to the quickly growing world market with ease. Via a simple connection to our management system, international shoppers enjoy a first class localized shopping experience while maintaining brand integrity. From engaging shoppers to returns management – IC takes you where you want to be. To learn more, visit: www.internationalcheckout.com.