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GALA Increases Focus on China

Monday, 23 February, 2009

Partnership with TAC Underscores Growth of Chinese Localization Market

Seattle, WA (23 February 2009) - The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) will co-host the 2009 China International Translation Industry Forum, 23 - 24 April, in Shenzhen, China, with the Translators Associations of China and Shenzhen.   The forum, which is the first of its kind in China, will coincide with the established China International Summit on Business Globalization and will highlight the importance of localization in the Asia region.

The goal of the forum is to provide language and localization resources and a knowledge base to transnational corporations with branches in China or planning to enter China, as well as Chinese corporations having or planning to have an international presence.  It will provide opportunities to engage in high-level dialogues and direct business communication with government authorities, executives of the "giants" in the business world and quality translation and localization service providers.  Additionally, GALA's executive director, James Hollan III, will host a dinner for GALA members during the globalization summit. 

"The Chinese localization market continues to grow exponentially, even during the worldwide economic downturn," said James Hollan III, GALA Executive Director. "GALA fully supports its members in the region with networking and educational opportunities.  I am looking forward to networking directly with our members and others in the Chinese language industry during the upcoming language forum and globalization summit."

As part of the summit Hollan will moderate a panel on best practices for language service providers.  Participants will include George Jie Zhao, CEO and Co-founder of Boffin Technologies Ltd., Dr. James Wei, President of Beijing E-C Translation Ltd., and Ryan Zhao, President of Golden View (China) Technologies Inc. The group will discuss current trends in language services technology, business practices, staffing and partnering with outside companies.

Hollan also will host a dinner for GALA members during the globalization summit, giving him a chance to discuss the best way GALA can serve its members in Asia.

For more information, visit http://2009citif.tac-online.org.cn/node_513160.htm.  GALA members pay a discounted registration fee of 2000 RMB for this event.

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