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E.g., 07/03/2020

GALA glossary contributing to new ASTM localization industry terminology harmonization project

Monday, 7 October, 2019

ASTM Committee F43, which is in charge of ASTM standards for the global language industry, is currently developing two complementary work items about translation quality, Holistic Quality Evaluation Systems for Translation (HQuest, WK54884), technical contact Serge Gladkoff, and Analytic Evaluation of Translation Quality (WK46396), technical contact Arle Lommel. These and other projects within the F43 committee's portfolio have raised awareness about the need to harmonize industry terminology.

The committee has therefore just launched a new work item (WK63168) to "standardize terminology relating to language services and products." One glossary adopted as input for this new ASTM standard is GALA's Glossary of terms for the translation and localization industry, developed by TAPICC WG1 and edited by prominent industry terminologist Kara Warburton. The ASTM project, which will also include a terminology database, is being led by Tommy Tomolonis, a PhD candidate in translation studies at Kent State University, with ongoing support provided by Kara Warburton.