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GALA Announces Client-focused Workshop on Reaching New Markets Worldwide

Members Support Forum on Communicating Effectively with Multilingual Customers

Thursday, 30 August, 2012

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) will host a one-day event for business leaders and marketing professionals on 09 November 2012 at Espacio Pilar in Buenos Aires. “The Right Message. The Right Language.” will offer a program on reaching multilingual customers and developing effective localization programs to support international business, exporting, and globalization efforts. The workshop is designed for company leaders, marketing executives, and professionals managing content within their companies. It is intended for companies with varying levels of “export-readiness,” including those considering exporting for the first time.


“The Right Message. The Right Language.” will address how the right multilingual content strategy drives international commerce, opens new revenue streams, and increases market share for companies leveraging language as a competitive advantage. Participants will learn about the tools and strategies necessary to bridge the language gap and communicate effectively with customers around the world.


The event is supported by volunteers from GALA’s Argentinean member companies, which make up the third largest group in GALA's global membership. Buenos Aires was chosen as the location for GALA’s first client-focused regional event based in large part on the support of its active member companies, and also on the status of the regional economy. Developing a client-focused educational event supports GALA’s mission of heightening public understanding of the economic and social value of language and it furthers GALA’s efforts to raise awareness of the professional language industry. With this event, GALA hopes to develop ties with regional export-focused organizations, highlighting its position as the go-to source for language related resources and providing visibility to its regional members.


“We want to educate participants about our expert localization community and our industry,” said Laura Brandon, Managing Director of GALA. “Participants should know they have professional partners in their quest to reach new markets and compete successfully in the global marketplace.”


GALA member companies are invited to get involved by supporting GALA’s marketing and outreach efforts, by becoming an event sponsor, or by inviting or hosting clients and prospects. More information on “The Right Message. The Right Language.” including the schedule and registration instructions, can be found on the GALA website.


About GALA
The Globalization and Localization Association is the largest global non-profit association within the language industry, providing resources, education and research for companies working with translation services, language technology and content localization. GALA member companies are vendors and buyers of language services and technologies. They deploy sophisticated multilingual strategies and proven tools to take content and products to markets around the world. For more information, visit www.gala-global.org