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E.g., 04/02/2020

GALA’s Member Pulse Survey Results, Third Quarter 2011: Member Satisfaction & Needs

By: Rebecca Petras (GALA)

27 August 2011

This year we were pleased to learn that there is a very high overall satisfaction level among members.  Of those who completed the survey, 97 percent reported being either ”very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with their GALA membership.  Viewed in terms of investment, the results were also positive.  Seventy-six percent of respondents rated their company’s investment in GALA membership as an excellent or good value.  Only 3 percent felt dues were a poor value.

The activity with the highest level of very satisfied respondents was the annual GALA Language of Business conference (41 percent very satisfied, 32 percent somewhat satisfied and no dissatisfied respondents).  Other programs with high levels of satisfaction included the GALAxy newsletter (85 percent), the GALA Webinar Series (81 percent), and promotion of the industry (80 percent).  The highest dissatisfaction was noted for marketing opportunities for members (11 percent dissatisfied), and the website (8 percent dissatisfied). 

Other interesting findings from the survey include:

  • Our new GALA Standards Initiative received high marks with 68 percent of respondents being very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the program.
  • Members overwhelmingly see GALA as the place to discuss industry issues with peers, with 81 percent agreeing with that assessment.
  • Fifty-eight percent of respondents have gained new business or met new business partners through GALA – an increase over previous years.  Almost one third of respondents said they had been contacted by prospective clients who found their company through the GALA website.
  • More than half of respondents indicated that two to four employees take advantage of their company’s GALA membership. As a company-wide member association, GALA activities and events are available to everyone within the member company.
  • A full 63 percent of respondents did not rate LocalizationCAREERS.net, which indicates a need for the association to make members more aware of how they can benefit from the job site.

When asked what programming they would most like GALA to create or enhance, respondents overwhelmingly asked for a networking platform (70 percent indicated an interest in creation of a platform).  GALA is currently examining options for member collaboration and networking platforms and hopes to have one launched by early 2012.

This feedback, as well as other member comments published in the full survey results, provides GALA with valuable information regarding member wishes and association direction.  Input will also be taken into account as GALA embarks on its next strategic planning phase.

The Q3 2011 survey was completed by 85 GALA member companies.  Respondents were spread across all geographical regions with the most coming from Europe.

Note: The GALA Member Pulse Survey is a quarterly survey of members in which we ask about an important topic impacting members and the industry.  For each quarter over the past two years, we have asked members how macroeconomic issues are impacting their businesses. Beginning this quarter, GALA has shifted to a semi-annual schedule for the economic indicator portion of survey. Watch for the next economic indicator survey in the fourth quarter.

Rebecca Petras serves as public relations and marketing specialist for Globalization and Localization Association. In 2000, she founded Petras Associates, a corporate and brand strategic communications consultancy based. She specializes in inbound marketing programs, content creation, and social networking strategies for technology and localization clients in the US and Europe. Prior to Petras Associates, she was a vice president at Ketchum Worldwide, an international public relations firm. Rebecca currently resides in Amsterdam.