E.g., 08/09/2020
E.g., 08/09/2020

Following the path to success with our customer Bürkert GmbH & Co

Janus Worldwide

Wednesday, 29 April, 2020

Vienna, Austria, March 20th: For over three years now Janus Worldwide, one of Europe’s largest language service providers, has been engaged in a partnership with Bürkert GmbH & Co KG, a leading global manufacturer of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases. Since it was founded more than 70 years ago, Bürkert has focused on fluid technologies, with a particular specialism in measuring, controlling and regulating gases and liquids. The company’s products are used in more than 300 industries, including the automotive, chemical, food, pharmacology and water treatment sectors.

Bürkert has selected Janus Worldwide to provide professional translation services to localize and adapt user manuals for valves and pumps, internal presentation materials, and marketing materials.

The “Customer First” strategy promoted by Janus Worldwide aims to develop and maintain strong business relationships with customers, allowing the company to pursue long-lasting collaboration based on trust. We understand that not every organization is alike and nor are their translation and localization needs, and so we treat our customers individually, taking into account industry regulations, terminology and corporate standards.


• Full service cycle: translation, editing, proofreading, desktop publishing and in-country reviews;

Linguists working across different time zones (Europe, Japan, China);

• Term-base translation into six target languages and consecutive terminology management, allowing consistent translation of terms across all projects;

• Development of a style guide promoting language and style consistency to ensure a higher standard of translation;

• Adaptation of process automation to match Bürkert’s preferences for order posting optimization, project tracking, volumes and cost control;

• Risk mitigation and associated planning for rapid translation of complicated technical projects;

• Consistent layout, style and terminology for internal and external documentation;

• Stringent compliance with Bürkert’s corporate standards.



• Dedicated project managers, graphic designers and linguists specializing in various areas

  (technical and marketing translations);

• Multi-language translations (European, Asian and other languages on request);

• Development of risk mitigation process for complicated rapid translations;

• Adaptive translation management solutions for seamless operational project control.


Solution elements

• Complex technical translation services;

• Desktop publishing services;

• QA and proofreading services;

• Creation of style guide, extensive list of instructions.

Janus Worldwide is ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 13611 compliant, adding an additional layer of quality control process as a full-service translation and localization provider with multilingual solutions for the global manufacturing industry, including the heavy machinery, high-tech and electronics, automotive, industrial, chemical and aerospace sectors.