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E.g., 04/01/2020

First Annual “UPBOUND: From Start-up to Enterprise Localization” Event

Venga Global hosts a panel event to help localization professionals take their companies to greater localization maturity and achieve their global ambitions.

Venga Global

Friday, 1 February, 2019

On January 24th, from 5-8pm, localization leaders from some of the top companies in the San Francisco Bay Area gathered at, Maritime Wine Tasting Studio in downtown San Francisco for the first annual “UPBOUND: From Start-up to Enterprise Localization” event.

The event was organized by Venga Global, a translation and localization company that specializes in partnering with clients to take their global ambitions to the next level.

The event kicked off with a panel of experts including Anca Greve of Slack, Michele Carlson of SurveyMonkey, Patrick McLoughlin of Eventbrite, and Talia Baruch of Yewser.  

Topics covered included:

  • Evangelizing: What do you do inside your company to promote an international product approach?

  • Strategic Positioning: How do you position localization as a strategic corporate function?

  • Budgeting & ROI: How do you ensure you get the right funding and attention to achieve corporate goals?

  • Go-to-market Strategy: What do you need to get your product into a market successfully?

Venga’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Antoine Rey, was the MC for the event and stated, “We are lucky to partner with some of the most exciting Start-ups in the the San Francisco area. They trust us to advise them on their localization strategy and deliver the tone of voice and quality associated with their brands in international markets. UPBOUND is an opportunity for them to share their experience and meet their peers to exchange ideas and best practices.”