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E.g., 04/02/2020

EUROTRADUS Breaks Stereotypes and Challenges Opinions about Translation Companies


Thursday, 20 October, 2016

We often come across the stereotype that translation companies and technologies have nothing in common.

Businesses which do not have much to do with translation and localization projects still assume that people working in the translation industry are hopelessly buried in piles of papers and know of nothing else but Microsoft Word – at the very best. Unsurprisingly, when the phrase Computer-Assisted Translation Tools pops up, clients frequently relate it to the widely-known Google Translate service.

EUROTRADUS aims to challenge this stereotype and show that innovative translation companies are in step with today’s technologies, often outpacing companies in other fields. At the “Technopelnas 2016” (Technoprofit 2016) conference held in Vilnius, Lithuania, Dainius Sabaliauskas, CEO of the EUROTRADUS translation and localization company, shared his practical experience in using modern technologies in daily business. He explained how the translation process has been evolving over the last decade and offered some concrete examples of how project management and translation memory software has significantly enhanced daily processes.

The conference was held by “Verslo Žinios,” a leading Lithuanian business news portal and newspaper. The event, which gathered small and medium-sized enterprises, was intended to demonstrate the potential of information technologies to business companies, reveal what’s new in the field, and introduce the most high-tech companies in Lithuania. Representatives of other Lithuanian companies that continuously invest in technology solutions also attended the event and talked about their own experiences.

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