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EuroTermBank Consortium Launches Multilingual Terminology Portal


Thursday, 19 April, 2007

EuroTermBank Consortium has announced the launch of its multilingual terminology portal www.eurotermbank.com, a Pan-European term bank providing a consolidated interface to comprehensive terminology resources on the Web.

As of now, EuroTermBank enables searching within approximately 600,000 terminology entries containing over 1.5 million terms in various languages. The initial focus of EuroTermBank is on the "new Europe", including Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Polish terms and their equivalents in English, German, French and other languages (overall, more than 25 languages are involved). The EuroTermBank Consortium continues to integrate all available terminology resources into the EuroTermBank database, or interlink them via EuroTermBank as a central terminology gateway.

As a single point of service, EuroTermBank portal provides a consolidated search interface to its central database as well as other interlinked terminology banks. It can be easily expanded by importing or interlinking new terminology resources. Its unique entry compounding technology enables the user to compare potentially matching terms across all terminology collections and languages.

"With eight partners from seven European countries, this project bridges the worlds of terminology, specialized lexicography and computational linguistics of the 'new' and the 'old' Europe. Novel in all aspects, from its best practice methodology in terminology management and data modelling to the model of handling IPR issues and the application of state-of-the-art open standards, it features a most abundant collection of multilingual terminology for the language industry", says Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dirk Schmitz, Institute for Information Management at Cologne University of Applied Science.

The new terminology portal is particularly useful for translators, localizers, terminologists, editors, as well as researchers, educators, students, and anyone requiring terminology lookup. As a terminology sharing platform, it serves organizations wishing to publish its terminology collections, either to the general public or to selected audiences. As a terminology web service, it is of interest to application providers that can integrate this terminology service in their tools.

The portal is developed in accordance with the appropriate state-of-the-art international standards, such as ISO 12620, ISO 16642, TeDIF and TBX, ensuring comprehensive data structure and easy data exchange. EuroTermBank applies Infoterm's methodology known as Code of Good Practice for Copyright in Terminology, to ensure proper treatment of content providers' rights. Methodology and key findings of EuroTermBank research are available in the monograph - Towards Consolidation of European Terminology Resources. Experience and Recommendations from EuroTermBank Project.

About the EuroTermBank Consortium
The EuroTermBank Consortium was founded by project partners under the European Union eContent program. The EuroTermBank Consortium members are:
- Tilde, Latvia (project coordinator)
- Institute for Information Management at Cologne University of Applied Science, Germany
- Centre for Language Technology at University of Copenhagen, Denmark
- Institute of Lithuanian Language, Lithuania
- Terminology Commission of Latvian Academy of Science, Latvia
- MorphoLogic, Hungary
- University of Tartu, Estonia

Tel. +371 6 760 5001
Email: [email protected]