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Eriksen Translations Launches Multilingual Website with New Domain and Functionality

Eriksen Translations Inc.

Thursday, 15 November, 2007

Brooklyn, NY -- Eriksen Translations Inc., a leading language services provider, has launched its new multilingual website, www.eriksen.com, with a fresh look and a host of exciting features.

Developed using the widely-recognized LifeRay Portal content management system, eriksen.com is available in four languages, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, and English, with plans to include other languages in the future. As an open source application, Eriksen's developers were able to create custom applets for LifeRay that were tailored specifically to the needs of Eriksen's users. The site includes permission-based features such as a Java-scripted cross-platform file transfer application that will allow clients and vendors to transfer files easily from any computer, regardless of firewalls or operating systems.

"While we've been localizing websites for many years, being our own Web localization client has been very educational and we look forward to sharing our first-hand experiences with our clients," said Vigdis Eriksen, president and CEO of Eriksen Translations. "Participating in every aspect of the development process, using our own marketing linguists and localization expertise, has confirmed what we always tell our clients - having the localization team as part of the initial strategy is essential, and the devil is always in the details. Localization and internationalization has to be considered in every aspect of site development, from static editorial content to dynamic form applications."

The new site includes an interactive vendor registration area that allows users to update administrative information. Integrated with our proprietary project management tool, PMT, the interactive forms streamline communications to facilitate efficient workflow.

Along with the new features, www.eriksen.com still includes the company's popular multilingual ecards and in-depth profiles of the company's staff, as well as details about Eriksen's wide variety of multilingual solutions.

About Eriksen Translations Inc.

Eriksen Translations Inc. is a leading provider of multilingual services in over 100 languages, including translation, interpreting, typesetting, project management, Web localization, and cultural consulting. Founded in 1986, Eriksen helps organizations in a broad range of industries excel across print, desktop, and Web environments in the domestic and global marketplace. For more information, please visit www.eriksen.com.