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Monday, 8 June, 2009

Plunet BusinessManager integrates the ErrorSpy Quality Suite from D.O.G.

Berlin/Leonberg - Seamless integration of the ErrorSpy Quality Suite from D.O.G., one of the leading products worldwide for Quality Assurance and Quality Management, into Plunet BusinessManager will be possible from June 2009.

This means that an essential new component will be added to the business and project management functions of Plunet - and one which no other project management system currently available in the market can match.

The ErrorSpy Quality Suite is the latest product in the ErrorSpy family. With its comprehensive translation quality assurance checks, it will offer dedicated and essential support for quality management in translation departments and translation agencies.

Plunet BusinessManager is the leading business and project management solution for the translation industry. On an integrated platform, the system offers - among other things - quote, order and invoice management, flexible job and workflow management, as well as deadline, document and customer management functions.

"Quality assurance for translations still represents a manual and hence expensive procedure in most companies. Particularly in cases where the documentation volume is large and involves high numbers of languages, companies without supporting software systems often find themselves at their commercial limits. With the integration of the ErrorSpy Quality Suite, Plunet customers will receive with immediate effect all the tools required to ensure the quality of translations. They can now automatically check, assess and query the quality of their translations with Plunet BusinessManager, and they can also instigate corrective measures", explains Dr. Francois Massion, CEO of D.O.G.

In future, all checking and reporting functions will thus be available in Plunet BusinessManager. In addition to the familiar checks of translations and translation memories, the new Quality Suite focuses on widely expanded reporting functions and is now fully automated following its integration in BusinessManager. This means that, once the delivered data have been checked, detailed reports can be generated for specific time periods in order to develop the translation quality. These language, employee and customer-specific evaluations will for the first time provide project managers with answers to complex problems at the push of a button. Questions like: "How has the quality of my Russian translations developed during the last quarter? - Which types of error occur more frequently, and why? - Has the supplier been able to improve his quality?". In future, getting answers to this type of question will no longer be a problem for project managers.

"The integration of ErrorSpy, one of the leading Quality Assurance and Quality Management products for translations, is a logical step for Plunet. We already have deep-level integration with the most important translation memory systems, and are now coming full circle," explains Peter Seltsam, Plunet CEO and Head of Product Management. The industry insider and founder of Plunet is full of excitement about the many benefits of ErrorSpy Manager: "Automatic and standardized quality measurements and error reports for a wide range of very different translation formats, warning functions for project managers if pre-defined quality levels are now met, and simple and free positioning of ErrorSpy jobs in the BusinessManager workflow are just a few of its excellent functions. ErrorSpy Manager will lead to significant savings in terms of both time and money, and will noticeably improve the quality of translations in the long term", adds Peter Seltsam.

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