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ENLASO (translate.com) Releases White Paper on Preparing Projects for Localized Desktop Publishing

Monday, 10 March, 2008

BOULDER, CO (March 10, 2008) – ENLASO Corporation, a provider of documentation, Web site, and software translation and localization solutions, today announced that it has authored a new best practices white paper titled “Preparing Projects for Localized Desktop Publishing.”

This complimentary white paper summarizes useful guidelines for the development of documentation that is ready for localization and translation for foreign markets as well as solutions to various multilingual publishing challenges. The document also includes a thorough checklist, with practical examples, that covers the decisions that should be made and the information that should be provided to the localization vendor before starting a publishing-oriented translation and localization project.

“Our goal was to create a white paper that helps eliminate many of the surprises that can occur in multilingual documentation production,” states John Watkins, ENLASO president and co-author of the white paper. “The guidelines in this white paper are specifically aimed at projects with paper or PDF output as a final deliverable and can help avoid unwanted project delays or costly change orders,” observes Yusuke Kirimoto, operations manager at ENLASO.

Noteworthy: Today’s worldwide translation and localization market is estimated at approximately US$ 9 billion, expected to reach a total of US$ 12 billion in 2010. Documentation translation and localization projects account for over a third of the current worldwide translation and localization marketplace.

The white paper is of particular interest to technical writers, publication managers, marketing managers, communication managers, localization project managers, product managers, and other individuals involved in the documentation translation and localization process.

This free white paper can be downloaded from ENLASO’s Web site, www.translate.com.

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