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ENLASO (translate.com) releases Case Study on Finding the Perfect Global Partner in online dating

Wednesday, 3 January, 2007

Boulder, Colorado, USA -- ENLASO Corporation, a provider of translation and localization solutions, today announced that it has authored a new case study about globalizing online dating. "Finding the perfect global partner: MEETIC and ENLASO pair up for multilingual online dating," documents a large scale localization project for Meetic, Europe's largest online social networking provider. Meetic's three main online dating services, www.meetic.com for general audiences, www.superlov.com for young adults, and www.ulteem.com for more mature audiences, were all localized by ENLASO.

"Online dating is one of the fastest growing industries in terms of globalization," states Yves Lang, ENLASO's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Meetic has really set a new strategy in terms of making online dating more accessible worldwide, by transcending language and cultural barriers," Lang adds. "This case study includes documented examples of couples who never could have met without the multilingual features of Meetic's Web services."

Meetic's extensive database of personal interests and an in-depth psychological profile test were among elements translated for additional languages and locales. "ENLASO helped us in a good way, by not only localizing data but by finding many new hobbies, religions, etc. that needed to be added to our database for these new locales," states Guillaume Dastot, Meetic's Director of Operations. This universal database of worldwide interests, available to all Meetic users for setting up personal profiles, is just one of several ingredients that have made Meetic so successful.

The case study details many challenges that were overcome in this localization project and also documents some interesting trans-world romances that culminated in marriage thanks to "two people, two computers, and one connection", Meetic.

"Online dating is a dynamic industry, unlike any other that we serve," comments the case study's author, Maxwell Hoffmann, ENLASO's Manager of Consulting and Training services. "Cultural nuances are even more critical here, because you are dealing with the human heart," he concludes.

ENLASO and Meetic have an agreement to continue localizing online dating services into even more languages. Meetic experiences explosive growth, with one out of fifteen adults in France as members, and more than 20,000 new members signing up daily throughout the rest of Europe. Meetic has also expanded into China, South America and several other new markets thanks to a thoughtful global strategy and localization by ENLASO.

This free case study can be downloaded from ENLASO's Web site, www.translate.com.

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