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ENLASO (translate.com) to host Webinar on Customizing Structured FrameMaker for Localization

Friday, 10 November, 2006

Boulder, Colorado, USA -- ENLASO Corporation, a provider of translation and localization solutions, today announced that it will present a live Webinar November 16th, 2006, titled "Customizing Structured FrameMaker for Localization."

This is the first Webinar as part of ENLASO's newly created Consulting & Training Solutions Division. "Customizing Structured FrameMaker for Localization" features Maxwell Hoffmann, Manager of Consulting and Training Solutions at ENLASO, and presents an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about the localization process and the strengths of FrameMaker in the publishing phase of localization. Hoffmann will provide general tips for template management and will be demonstrating some project-specific FrameMaker plug-ins that ENLASO has developed to:

1) single source formatting: localize a "single source" template, eliminating the need for one template per target language 2) automatically create structured book and chapter relative-Tables of Contents, with considerable time reduction (10 minutes reduced to one minute) 3) find and fix orphans after text expansion 4) alphabetize translated glossaries, and 5) generate correct PDF bookmarks in unsupported languages like Greek and Russian.

Webinar: Customizing Structured FrameMaker for Localization
Date: Thursday, November 16th, 2006
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 Noon PST
Where: Your desktop
Register at: http://www.translate.com
Cost: Complimentary

Hoffmann has trained over 1,500 customers and sales professionals in publishing solutions and localization for over 20 years. He has nine years of localization and 19 years of FrameMaker experience. Hoffmann is also a former product manager for FrameMaker at Frame Technology and helped develop a round trip from FrameMaker to XML at ENLASO two years before the release of XML-enabled FrameMaker 7.0.

Educational Webinars are part of ENLASO's commitment to providing long-term localization success through education and consulting. "Customizing Structured FrameMaker for Localization" targets tech writers, publication managers, marketing managers, communication managers, localization project managers, product managers, and other individuals interested in learning more about customizing structured FrameMaker for localization.

About ENLASO Corporation
ENLASO Corporation, an ISO 9001 company with three decades of experience, provides clients with enterprise language solutions. ENLASO delivers multilingual solutions to the information technology, life sciences, legal, financial, gaming, social networking, aerospace, automotive, advertising, and telecommunications industries. Services include localization of software, Web sites, marketing communications, technical documentation, localization testing, and consulting and training.

For additional information, contact:
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