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ENLASO (translate.com) to Host Webinar on Audio and Video Localization Best Practices

Friday, 20 March, 2009

BOULDER, CO (March 20, 2009) - ENLASO Corporation, a provider of translation and localization solutions, announced today that it will host a live Webinar April 2nd, 2009, titled "Audio and Video Localization Best Practices." The online event is presented by Xavier Marchand, COO of JBI Studios, an ENLASO partner.
Marchand addresses best practices for successful, cost effective, efficient, and headache-free audio and video localization in this interactive 45-minute Webinar.

Yves Lang, ENLASO’s Chief Sales Officer, notes, “Audio recording is usually an expensive proposition and needs to get done right the first time around. This is in particular important when localizing the source audio into the target languages. Each mistake is multiplied by the number of languages the content is localized into."

Highlights of this hands-on session include:

  • How to prepare source content to make it localization-friendly
  • The different options when localizing video
  • The ways to reduce localization costs while not compromising quality
  • The challenges of Flash with foreign language audio
  • What to look for when selecting an audio localization vendor

This presentation targets customer-side localization managers that are involved in audio and video localization projects, content developers, engineers, training executives, or anyone interested in learning the ins-and-outs of the audio and video localization process.

Webinar: “Audio and Video Localization Best Practices”
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009
Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am PDT
Where: Your desktop
Register at: http://www.translate.com/
Cost: Complimentary

Xavier Marchand has been COO at JBI Studios since 2005. He has unrivaled experience in the niche field of audio and video localization, from movie dubbings and video games to SCORM compliant e-learning or marketing DVDs. Marchand has hosted a series of Webinars on production of foreign language audio and video content and is a frequent speaker at localization industry events. He holds Master degrees from France and Japan, and is fluent in French, English, and Japanese.

About ENLASO (http://www.translate.com)
ENLASO Corporation, an ISO 9001 company with four decades of experience, delivers multilingual solutions to the life sciences, medical, pharmaceutical, biotech, IT, legal, financial, gaming, social networking, aerospace, automotive, advertising, and telecommunications industries. Services include localization of software, Web sites, marketing communications, technical documentation, localization testing, and consulting and training.

For additional information, contact: Chris Raulf, ENLASO Corporation, at (303) 516-0857 x103 or by e-mail at [email protected]