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ENLASO (translate.com) Announces New Localization Quality Assurance Department

Wednesday, 26 November, 2008

Company Hires Additional Staff to Manage Rapid Growth in 2008

BOULDER, CO (November 26, 2008) - ENLASO (translate.com), a leading provider of enterprise language and localization solutions, today announced the creation of a new localization quality assurance department in Boulder, Colorado.

ENLASO is on track for another record year in both revenue and profitability and significantly increased its staff in 2008 to manage increased demand for its localization services. The majority of these additional employees joined ENLASO’s newly created localization quality assurance department.

“ENLASO is known for its high quality localization services and we felt it was the right time to further streamline and centralize our efforts in this area,” says John Watkins, ENLASO’s COO and President. He adds, “Our decade long ISO 9001 certification always ensured solid quality processes designed to exceed customer expectations; however, every quality system should be constantly evolving. This evolution led us to create an independent quality assurance department to consolidate our quality verification steps for software and desktop publishing products. This improves our efficiency and provides cost savings to our customers, while ensuring that the right person is doing the quality verification activity.”

The new department was formed in January and quickly ramped up to support the various ENLASO production departments by preventing, identifying, and solving quality issues. The QA department currently consists of a quality assurance manager, two leads, and six technicians.

Nathen Garcia, ENLASO’s Localization Quality Assurance Manager, notes, “Quality assurance is an overall process issue and cannot be treated as an afterthought. In many cases, we are able to identify issues before the source files for localization are even sent to our estimation department, thus preventing potential project delays and unnecessary frustrations for our customers.” Garcia adds, “The QA department recently modified its existing testing approaches to include our video game testing methodology. The updated process enables the linguistic and functional testers to identify and fix more defects in less time. In particular when multiplied for numerous languages, this process improvement can save our customers a lot of time and money.”

Additional information about ENLASO’s quality assurance and testing services may be obtained at: http://www.translate.com/Language_Services/Localization_Testing.aspx.

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