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ENLASO Celebrates Seven-Year Anniversary of Okapi Framework

Wednesday, 29 April, 2015

Boise, ID – April marks the seven-year anniversary of the release of the Okapi Framework open source project (http://okapi.opentag.com/). The Okapi Framework is a suite of localization tools and software interface specifications that support file processing for translation and localization tasks. The Okapi Framework has grown to become a robust set of tools used by translators, language services companies, and software developers to process translatable content from a wide array of files and file formats.

The Okapi Framework project began as a set of tools that ENLASO created from its extensive knowledge of translation and localization processes. The first task tackled in 2008 was to take ENLASO’s open source .NET version of the tools and refactor them to JAVA to attract more developers and provide better support across computing platforms. The initial team working on the project had ENLASO’s Chief Solutions Architect Yves Savourel, Jim Hargrave with LDS, and Asgeir Frimannsson with Redhat. Since then, the Okapi Framework has benefitted from the contributions of 14 core developers from around the world. These developers work together to ensure that the Okapi Framework stays at the forefront of technology for the language services industry. ENLASO’s commitment to the Okapi Framework remains strong, with Yves Savourel and Fredrik Liden continuing to provide design and development contributions to the project.

Today, the Okapi Framework is a robust and flexible software tool set that supports a wide variety of file processing functions. Converting content between numerous file formats, the tools can extract translatable content for source files, work with various translation memory and machine translation systems, and perform critical functions that span from sentence segmentation to QA verification, from encoding conversion to translation comparison, and much more.

John Watkins, president of ENLASO, appreciates what the Okapi Framework has become in the language services industry: “We chose to move our software to an open source development framework in the hopes that the language services industry would benefit from the tools. At the same time, we hoped other developers would be interested in helping to grow Okapi’s capabilities. We have succeeded in both ways. Okapi now has an active development team of talented contributors and thousands of people who benefit from the tools.”

ENLASO congratulates all of the contributors to the Okapi Framework and hopes to see many more years of fruitful collaboration in the future.

For access to tools or to contribute to the discussion, visit the Okapi Framework page at http://okapi.opentag.com/.

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