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ENLASO and Lingoport to Host Live Webinar on Tools and Practices to Internationalize and Localize So

Wednesday, 3 June, 2009

BOULDER, CO (June 3, 2009) - ENLASO Corporation, a provider of translation and localization solutions, today announced that it will co-present a live Webinar June 11, 2009, titled "Tools and Practices to Internationalize and Localize Software" along with partner Lingoport, a leading provider of internationalization services and tools.

In this one-hour Webinar, internationalization and localization experts, Adam Asnes, Cary Clark, and Yves Savourel present effective ways to assist the software globalization process, discuss how to manage strings for localization, and showcase live examples of how to assess source code for proper internationalization.

Webinar: “Tools and Practices to Internationalize and Localize Software”
Date: Thursday, June 11th, 2009
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT
Where: Your desktop
Register at: http://www.translate.com
Cost: Complimentary
Presenters: Adam Asnes and Cary Clark of Lingoport and Yves Savourel of ENLASO

The presenters will also discuss how to approach internationalization requirements within a large code base, how to audit code base for internationalization issues, how to examine embedded strings and string concatenations, how to examine locale-limiting functions, methods and classes in multiple programming languages and database scripts, how to fix internationalization issues faster, how to verify internationalization automatically as part of the build process, how to support internationalization across an entire enterprise on an ongoing basis, and how to work with resource files for efficient localization.

This Webinar targets anyone facing ongoing software globalization and localization challenges, including software engineers, engineering managers, internationalization and localization managers, project managers, product managers, and international marketing managers.

About Lingoport (http://www.lingoport.com)
Founded in 2001, Lingoport, Inc. helps global businesses adapt and leverage their software for world market readiness. Lingoport provides extensive internationalization services including analysis, design, implementation, testing and training. The company’s Globalyzer software product helps companies systematically adapt their software code and development practices to be more efficient for worldwide customers who demand that software works the way they expect it to.

ENLASO Corporation, an ISO 9001 company, delivers multilingual solutions to the information technology, mobile and wireless, life sciences, legal, financial, gaming, social networking, aerospace, automotive, advertising, and telecommunications industries. Services include localization of software, Web sites, marketing communications, technical documentation, localization testing, and consulting and training.

For additional information, contact:
Chris Raulf, ENLASO Corporation, (720) 259-8524, [email protected]