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E.g., 04/03/2020

ENLASO® named the exclusive Kontax Translation Manager for the US.

Friday, 16 August, 2013

ENLASO is now the exclusive Translation Manager in the US for Kontax, a global press release service specializing in the distribution of multilingual news and information.


Available in more than 160 countries and over 60 languages, Kontax allows customers in every country to publish – free of charge – an unlimited number of multimedia press releases in the language of their choice, and to then obtain professional translations of their press releases in any other desired target languages.


Kontax users have direct access to the corresponding Kontax Translation Manager in their home country to obtain cost effective, high quality translations of their press releases. All Kontax Translation Managers, like ENLASO, have ISO 9001 or equivalent certification.


John Watkins, ENLASO's President, notes: "As a leading ISO 9001 certified localization services provider, we take pride in providing our customers with an advanced language services infrastructure that ensures their satisfaction with our services. I am very excited to have this opportunity to provide our services to Kontax users in the US."


By distributing press releases to journalists and social media all around the world, optimized for search engines in every country, Kontax allows users to promote their products, sell their services, pick their partners, and monitor their markets worldwide.



stablished in 1968, ENLASO has been the premier language partner to global companies for over 40 years. Scalable to your extensive localization needs, ENLASO has established a network of offices in Boulder, CO and Boise, ID, as well as production and sales facilities on the East and West coasts.


ENLASO offers full-service language translation and localization solutions for many industries, from medical and life sciences to eLearning and training, consumer products and devices, manufacturing, and high-tech industries. Services include internationalization and localization of software systems, websites, and documentation, as well as localized product testing, training, and cultural consulting.


For additional information, contact: ENLASO Corporation at 866-415-6820 or by email at [email protected]. ENLASO is a registered trademark of ENLASO Corporation. www.enlaso.com



About Kontax

Backed by ISO 9001-certified translation companies with offices in a total of 181 countries, Kontax is a global press release service specializing in the translation and distribution of multilingual news and information that's simple to use and highly effective, anywhere in the world. www.kontax.com