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English Technical Translation Contest

Palex Group Inc.

Tuesday, 29 May, 2007

TOMSK, RUSSIA -- In April and May 2007 Palex held an English translation contest for Microsoft® software and documentation. It is the second translation contest organized by the company with the purpose of stimulating interest in translation and freelance work and selecting new full-time and freelance employees. Compared to the first contest held in 2005, the number of participants has almost doubled. With more than a hundred applications submitted, over 70 participants (most of them students and young professionals) completed the off-site translation assignment. Those who delivered 20 best translations participated in the final stage.

The final assignment turned out to be a surprise for most of them. The competitors had to translate an HTML page and correct 11 localization errors in a dialog box. Although translation quality was of the highest priority, technical background of the participants, i.e. their ability to handle HTML correctly and the number of localization errors they found, could help them earn additional points.

In general, the finalists coped well with the translation and demonstrated such valuable qualities, as the ability to focus on the task, responsibility, technical literacy. Andrey Cherkovsky, a freelance translator, was selected a winner. The second prize was awarded to Sergey Plotnikov, a chief specialist at Tomsk Regional Energy Commission, and Rostislav Romanovsky, a third year student of Chemical & Chemistry Engineering Department at Tomsk Polytechnic University. Both have never been professional translators. Mark Lesun, a newcomer to freelance translation, ranked third. Some finalists also had great results and were on par with the winners.

The award ceremony took place at Palex office on May 19, 2007. The winner received a gift certificate for 10,000 roubles (about EUR285), other awardees got licenses for multilingual electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo 12. All finalists received certificates of participation.

Two incentive awards were granted to Maria Klimenko, whose translation of the sample's title was recognized the best, and Vadim Smyslov, who came from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to take part in the on-site part. Maria got a beautiful cake, which she generously shared with all attendees. Unfortunately Vadim had to come back home before the award ceremony, so his award will reach him by post.

The participants had a high opinion of the contest's organization and demonstrated their will to take part in such contests in the future.

The contest was held within the scope of the Qualified Personnel Training program implemented at Palex. The company is currently examining the possibility to cooperate with some contestants.

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