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The easiest way to learn XTM

Welcome to the new XTM Knowledge Base section.

XTM International

Thursday, 26 January, 2017

XTM International are delighted to announce the release of the XTM Knowledge Base as an update to its website.

Welcome to the new XTM Knowledge Base section.


Find popular topics and resources that will help you learn to use XTM. The knowledge base articles provide a step-by-step guidance for the most frequently performed actions in XTM. Thanks to the articles newcomers and experts can find out how to use the software and improve their performance in XTM Cloud or XTM Suite.  

Get only the information you want, as quickly as possible

XTM Knowledge Base articles are quick and easy to understand. They are appropriate for immediate reference, without having to do additional research, and use a practical “how to” style.

XTM users can conveniently browse the articles either in categories or through the related articles section featured at the bottom of each article. XTM Knowledge Base may be the first point of reference to gain a better understanding of the whole system or just a quick remedy for a problem at hand. With the launch of the knowledge base, XTM International continues to improve it customer service to its existing and prospective customers.

The new XTM Knowledge Base section: https://xtm-intl.com/knowledge-base