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Diskusija celebrates its 20th anniversary


Wednesday, 13 November, 2013

Diskusija, a language services provider, celebrates its 20th anniversary.


Diskusija started in the fall of 1993 as a small monolingual language services provider focused on the local Lithuanian market. Diskusija gradually expanded its range of languages and has become a regional language services provider specializing in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European languages with a focus on Baltic languages. The geography of our clients has greatly expanded too – we now work for companies from all over the world. Diskusija specializes in translation services for language services providers.


“We pride ourselves on long-term cooperation with our clients”, says Asta Rusakevičienė, CEO of the company. “They entrust us with the most complex and complicated projects because we have the required technological knowledge, competence, and tools. We have optimized and automated our project management, vendor management, and quality assurance processes.”


“It is very important for us to be a progressive and innovative company”, adds the manager of the company. “We want to be valued for our flexibility, our ability to offer a wide range of services, and the most appropriate and advanced solutions for our clients. That is why we are not going to stop, although the path we have already walked has been long enough.”


Diskusija has been a GALA member since 2007. Its CEO Asta Rusakevičienė has taken part in all five GALA conferences “The Language of Business”. In the last conference Diskusija entered its video “Daydreaming“ in the GALA Film Fest competition and was announced as the winning entry. This experience made us realize that the creation of a video can be good fun, and so for our anniversary celebration we moved back onto the set. You can see the results of this latest video shoot on YouTube.


About Diskusija

Founded in 1993, Diskusija specializes in technical translation and localization services into all Central, Eastern and Southeastern European languages with a strong focus on Baltic languages. Our experienced team is able to handle projects of any complexity. We have extensive expertise in the following industries: IT, software, hardware, telecommunications, medical equipment, medicine, pharmacology, accounting, finance, automotive industry, electronics, legislation, EU documents.


For additional information, contact Diskusija at + 370 5 2790574 or by email at [email protected], web: www.diskusija.lt