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E.g., 08/09/2020

Digital Marketing Localization.

How local and global brands are leading the way

Janus Worldwide

Wednesday, 29 April, 2020

Digital marketing has become essential for most businesses operating within today’s global economy. There is in fact a lot of power in using digital marketing to obtain results for local and global businesses. Nevertheless, successful marketing content localization isn’t just about accurate translation, but transcreation, concept adaptation, image sourcing, design, UX, etc. The true value of marketing localization relies on the contextual environment in which it is consumed and specific brands’ marketing goals.

Based on over 10 years of experience with digital marketing localization at Janus Worldwide, there are a few marketing tactics we'd recommend:

Engaging content that encourages links, shares, and interaction is a must when it comes to successful digital marketing localization. Quality content is an inherent search ranking factor, and it helps attract links and mentions. Content should ensure precise translation of the brand’s message, and at the same time consider cultural diversity in regard to idioms, sayings and local dialects.

Web site localization is a smart way to avoid losing out on potential conversions and revenue. All across the digital landscape businesses are now attempting to make the internet less English-centric. About a fifth of internet users are Chinese, and over 8% speak only Spanish. Currently, not even 5% of websites provide a Spanish language option, and Chinese is available on less than 2% of sites.

Social media advertising is currently one of the most powerful tools to promote a brand’s content, drive awareness, website conversions, and visits. However, determining what the content is for and who its audience is remains key. SMM stays on top of other digital marketing tactics, offering reliable and cost effective ways to drive sales and leads.

Various digital marketing tactics serve the goal of inspiring a consumer to take action. And you can measure its value in real business terms – with increased sales and brand awareness.

At Janus, we understand that different customers have different digital marketing needs, therefore our in-house digital marketing and multimedia experts will help you realize complex tasks to meet your international customer requirements effectively.

We offer:

•          Website localization

•          Marketing adaptation and transcreation

•          SM promotion

•          Creative language services (copywriting and marketing adaptation)

•          Web analytics, data measurement and data analysis

•          Multilingual SEO

•          Video content production and localization

•          Online marketing collateral – brochures, e-books, white papers

•          Landing pages, CTA

•          Mobile marketing, mobile search

•          Online advertising

•          Email campaigns (e.g. newsletters, exclusive offers, seasonal emails)

•          E-Learning translation and localization

•          PPC – pay per click

You can trust Janus’ experts 100%, as expertise is at the heart of everything we do!