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E.g., 04/08/2020

Digital Marketing Becomes Accessible To Any Company With Any Budget

Retro Digital Ltd

Friday, 28 September, 2018

Retro Digital have changed the way they conduct business. On 24/09/18, they announced a new price change, a money back guarantee and a new partnership with web design company CreatiVue. With respect to small business owners, they are now charging their clients depending on the size of their budget to ensure that digital marketing is accessible to everyone.

Retro Digital have also introduced a money back guarantee if the client does not receive the results they were promised. Having a guarantee is their way of manoeuvring the mistrust some businesses feel when they hear the phrase ‘digital marketing’. Research shows 83.3% of those who have hired digital marketing specialists have felt misled and taken advantage of. Trust is important to the company and having this guarantee in place assures the client of results and transparency.

All of these changes make digital marketing services accessible to small business owners who need some help cultivating business online.