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Customer Satisfaction Survey Shows Beijing E-C is on the Right Track

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Thursday, 31 January, 2008

Beijing, China – Beijing E-C Translation (BEC), one of the largest localization and translation service providers in Asia, recently conducted its annual customer satisfaction survey for 2007. The result was that an overwhelming 98% of the respondents said their experience with BEC met their expectations.

With more than 20 questions covering almost all aspects of the company’s performance, the survey addresses quality, on-time delivery, cost, communication, technology and customer support. Of the respondents, 93% said that they would recommend BEC’s service to other companies needing localization services, and the top three reasons include: translation quality, on time delivery and price competitiveness—precisely the three key terms serving as the foundation of BEC’s services.

BEC always pays great attention to the customer experience and conducts this customer satisfaction survey every year. In this way, BEC understands the customers’ perceptions of its services from all aspects and identifies the areas where further improvement is needed. The results of this survey are invaluable for the targeting of our continuous efforts to improve our services.

Encouraged by many additional comments like “You have a fantastic team and it is always a pleasure working with you,”and “Communication and cooperation with you is very enriching. Please don’t change!” BEC will continue to strive to provide outstanding services to its customers.

More customer support information can be viewed by visiting BEC’s website at: http://www.e-cchina.com/Eng/clientcenter/experience.htm

About Beijing E-C Translation

Beijing E-C Translation Ltd. (BEC) is one of the largest translation and localization service providers in Asia. With ten years of remarkable experience in this industry, E-C provides high quality localization, translation and desktop publishing (DTP) services to many of the world’s leading companies. Headquartered in Beijing, China, BEC has branches in Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu, Hong Kong, the United States, and Singapore, with more than 160 full-time employees in total.

More information is available at http://www.e-cchina.com
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