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Crystal Hues Part of Finance Minister's Delegation to Saudi Arabia

Crystal Hues Limited

Wednesday, 22 June, 2005

New Delhi -- Crystal Hues was invited to participate in the delegation to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia being taken by the Finance Minister of India .

Kingdom Saudi Arabia is one of the affluent economies of the world and also one of the most difficult markets to enter. One of the main obstacles in doing business with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is language and culture. Many ventures with business houses of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia do not materialize due to lack of attention paid to overcome the language and cultural barrier.

Crystal Hues was specifically taken to help bridge this barrier and expand the potentials of the business delegation forming part of the delegation taken by the His Excellency Mr. P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister of India . The visiting team included who's who of India 's leading business luminaries ranging from bankers, trading houses, manufacturing sector, information technology, etc. India 's premier business association FICCI displays the list of delegates at the following link: http://www.ficci.com/ficci/events/events-ahead/apr/apr12-13-saudi-delegates.htm .

Crystal Hues has been a source of reference for the media for translation and localization industry in India . Crystal Hues has also been covered by the leading TV channels and newspapers in the country. The country's premier newspaper "Indian Express" published an article on the importance of language and culture in any market expansion endeavor and the activities of Crystal Hues which available at the following link http://www.expressindia.com/fe/daily/19990926/fsm26063.html.

The revamped website www.crystalhues.com streamlines the services usually required when making any international marketing foray namely, translation of documents and developing the marketing collaterals needed for promotion in the international market. Your requirements for brochures, manuals, website and multimedia presentation in any language of the target audience are now just a click away. Crystal Hues claims to be able to deliver these services at the most competitive prices through its resource base spread in almost all parts of the world.

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