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E.g., 03/30/2020

Croatian translation company launching a new brand identity

Why the logo change?


Tuesday, 3 October, 2017

In September 2017, translation company VERBA CENTAR d.o.o. from Zagreb launched its newly-designed logo. In the months to come, the company plans to completely change its visual identity. The VERBA brand will thus be transformed at the time the company celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The logo and visual identity change is a logical and natural step in the company’s efforts to continually grow and improve its business processes, adapting to ever demanding market conditions and client expectations.

Why the logo change?

With our new logo, we would like to showcase our dynamic process approach in assuring quality of translations from source to target languages. This is represented by the orange line. Once translated, every text is further checked by another linguist. This additional check is called revision. It is represented in our new logo by the letter R, which is located in the very centre of the dynamic line.

Moreover, the new logo shows that the guarantee of quality is rooted in us, in our team of qualified experts and linguists, of whom we are proud. Our team is the central pillar of quality of our translation services.

We believe that the new logo successfully represents the main aspects of our day-to-day work: a highly professional approach assisted by state-of-the-art technologies, fast services, simple ordering procedures and quality assurance.

VERBA is a regional translation company employing roughly 20 in-house linguists and quality checkers in the central office in Zagreb and cooperating with some 200 external linguists in the region. Our main target languages include Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Slovenian. Our main areas of translation expertise are technology, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, energy, industrial technology, law and marketing.

For more information, please visit www.verba-hr.com