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CPSL reaffirms its commitment to quality by driving the development of ISO 18587

CEO Livia Florensa is the architect of the standard, which regulates the process of post-editing machine translation output


Wednesday, 21 June, 2017

CPSL has once again demonstrated its vows to quality. The company, based in Barcelona, continues advancing on its way to becoming one of the few pioneering language service providers in this field - not only because of the number of quality certificates it holds, but also because of the company’s involvement in decision-making processes and in developing standards and proposals for further progress within the sector, at the international level.

CPSL has been the driving force behind the new ISO 18587 (2017) standard, which sets out requirements for the process of post-editing machine translation (MT) output.

Livia Florensa, CEO at CPSL, has been the architect of the standard, which has just been published. As Project Leader for this mission, she played a key role, being responsible for the proposal and for drafting and coordinating the development of the standard.

ISO 18587 (2017) regulates the post-editing of content processed by machine translation systems, and also establishes the competences and qualifications that post-editors must have. The standard is intended for use by post-editors, translation service providers and their clients. As such, and given that there is a growing trend in the sector for using MT, “it was necessary to create a specific standard for post-editing, because it was explicitly left out of the ISO 17100, which provides requirements for translation services", explains Florensa. She admits that it has been a complicated process, taking four years to reach the stage of final publication, and one in which she involved herself 100%, in a purely altruistic manner.

Livia Florensa: “It has been a long but interesting process, and it has been extremely rewarding to tackle the issue of finding the best process to follow during post-editing, to ensure quality translations that meet the client’s expectations and, at the same time, it has allowed me the opportunity, on behalf of CPSL, to foster the creation of a standard that affects our industry.”

ISO 18587 (2017) also provides additional explanatory details for information purposes, about training for post-editors, light post-editing, pre-editing, automatic post-editing, and agreements between the translation service provider and the client.

Following publication of the standard, Florensa will remain on Technical Committee 174 as an Expert Member, where she will continue working and collaborating on the development of standards related to the translation and interpreting industry.


Firm commitment:

CPSL has been a provider of language services for more than 50 years, advising its clients on translation, localisation and interpreting. Over time, the company has established itself as a pioneer and global leader in the implementation of quality processes. To date, CPSL has obtained certification for three ISO quality standards: ISO 9001 (standard for quality management systems), ISO 17100 (previously UNE 15038, international quality standard specific to translation services) and ISO 13485 (standard for quality systems relating to medical devices and related services).


About CPSL: CPSL is a group of private companies that has been operating in the language services sector since 1963. The group is made up of Barcelona-based Celer Pawlowsky S.L., the parent company, CPSL Documentation & Tools in Ludwigsburg, operating in the Stuttgart area in Germany, and CPSL USA Corporation, located in Boston in the United States.

With a history spanning more than 50 years, CPSL is one of the longest-serving companies in the translation industry. Its teams serve thousands of clients and manage around 7,000 projects a year. Many CPSL clients have been with the company for over 10 years, demonstrating the company’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing global market and to build strong and reliable partnerships with its clients in their global ventures.

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