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CPSL at Localization World Conference in Bonn


Monday, 27 June, 2005

At the beginning of June (May 31st to June 2), CPSL participated in the world's leading localization conference -- Localization World held in Bonn (Germany). The conference brought together the sector's leading companies to analyze the changes that have arisen since the coming of the new member countries into the European Union. Increasing the number of official languages from 11 to 20 is a clear challenge, and one with which many sectors struggle. During the Localization World conference there were many presentations on how to deal with this issue.

State-owned and private companies alike have been responding to this change -- sometimes with well-prepared plans for how to approach the issue of the expanded EU but unfortunately more often with last minute translation requirements. With its years of experience in guiding various medical equipment makers as well as IT companies in their plans to enter the new EU markets, CPSL joined in the discussions to show improvement strategies for covering and fostering the languages of the new Europe. CPSL's aim is to rise to this challenge also by continuous improvement on standarization of the company's processes with ISO and project management tool - Lucas.

"I attend the Localization World conferences every year, and I must admit that each time it gets better," says Maria Kania-Tasak, CPSL's International Sales Manager. "This year at the Bonn conference there were new companies, new faces and new presentations. There was no time to be bored. The "Double the language Challenge" theme fits in perfectly with the challenges that we all face in regards to the new EU languages; many of the presentations tried to shed some light on this issue. One of the main problems mentioned during many presentations and during informal chats at the CPSL stand, was the lack of qualified translation resources. This is one area," Maria says "I am confident that CPSL will continue to work on systematically and repeatedly to meet the clients' challenges."

The opportunities for driving the localization industry onwards are clear for all to see in Europe, as is the competitiveness of the sector; and then on top of that challenge comes the need to provide solutions that are compatible with even tighter budgets. Localization World in Bonn confirmed for CPSL the suitability of its approach and encouraged the company to continue to work towards the goal of providing expert and wholesome solutions to clients with needs for the new EU languages.

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