E.g., 08/09/2020
E.g., 08/09/2020

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The LSP communicates its contingency plan Announcement-COVID-19


Friday, 27 March, 2020

Dear partner, costumer and friends,

In view of the current public health situation, we are writing to advise you of the relevant policies in place at CPSL.

Firstly, with regard to the outbreak of COVID-19, we are closely following the official information, daily updates, and recommendations issued to citizens by the governments, health departments and ministries in those countries where we have offices. We are therefore able to keep our personnel fully advised of recommended or required measures.

Secondly, our systems allow us to work remotely. In the event that we are unable to work from our offices, due to quarantine or preventive measures, we will be able to continue operations. CPSL has long been a promoter of remote working, and it is a practice that has been in place here for some time. We are therefore fully prepared to continue providing our normal service. We also have in place robust and secure IT systems, which allow us to access data remotely and securely in accordance with ISO 27001. Furthermore, our teams of translators and linguists work remotely from their homes/offices, which means that your projects will be completely unaffected.

Finally, for interpreting projects involving travel/logistics, we recommend using alternative solutions such as RIT (Remote Interpreting Technology), which will allow you to hold events and business meetings as planned, without the need to cancel anything. More information about RIT is available here. https://www.cpsl.com/services/remote-rit/ 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or clarification.
Yours sincerely,

CPSL Team.