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E.g., 04/01/2020

CPSL devotes a new department to handling its bids for tenders


Friday, 19 August, 2005

One particular trend stands out sharply in CPSL's performance recently: the number of European institutions tenders the company bid for doubled over the last year.

Though positive enough in itself, this is also leading to great success in climbing to the top of the charts as a supplier of language services for many major European public institutions. CPSL has built up a great store of experience in projects of this kind, covering everything from social issues to new technologies and taking in such specific issues as patents and trademarks, medicine, pharmacy, food and many others on the way.

And that is why CPSL has set up a separate Tenders Department, devoted solely to handling the relevant documentation, contacting linguists and other specialists for translation of tenders and performing any needed research. This new department is headed by Cristina Gᅢᄈmez, who will be bringing years of translation and human resources experience from various translation companies. Cristina will ensure that the CPSL tenders success story continues.

The increase of participation in such tenders has proven to be a very positive step for CPSL - the success with tenders has provided a substantial boost to company's performance this year.

For more information on CPSL's participation on EU tenders, please contact Cristina Gomez at [email protected].