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Corporate Sector Multilingual Communications Associations From Across The Globe Meet In Montr?al To Form International Industry Council

Thursday, 4 March, 2004

Montréal, Canada -- On February 16th representatives of more than 20 language trade associations from North America and Europe participated in an unprecedented Meeting of the Minds in Montréal, Canada. This historic event gave birth to an international Council comprising approximately three-quarters of the membership associations and conference organizers for the language services industry worldwide. The group spent the day discussing the major issues facing translation and localization suppliers that support international and multilingual communications, software and product localization, and interpretation at companies and governments around the world.

Comprised of corporate sector associations and conference organizers, the Council promises to get all stakeholders, corporate and non-corporate, working toward industry crystallization. The members of these organizations have long recognized the need for joint marketing, conferences, and a common front in defining and growing the industry. The leaders resolved to issue a Memo of Understanding outlining common goals. The Council also set up task forces to create a framework for future cooperation and develop a website where all cooperating organizations will be listed. The Council also discussed co-locating and co-organizing events so as to limit the number of duplicative conferences. Each task force includes representatives of three to four of the participating associations.

Finally, the group also resolved to contact other associations and conference organizers that were not present in order to bring them into this cooperative effort. The Council will meet in San Francisco on June 21, 2004 to continue the work it started in Montréal. Organizations participating in the Council are listed below. Stay tuned for more information or contact the honorary chairperson of the Council, Maryse Benhoff, at [email protected].

• ACCTI (www.accti.ca) Association of Canadian Corporations in Translation and Interpretation (Canada)
• AILIA (www.ailia.ca) Language Industry Association (Canada)
• ALC (www.alcus.org) Association of Language Companies (USA)
• ATA-TCD (www.ata-divisions.org/TCD) American Translators Association – Translation Company Division (USA)
• CSA (www.commonsenseadvisory.com) Common Sense Advisory, Inc. (USA)
• CSN (www.clientsidenews.com) ClientSide News LLC (USA)
• EUATC (www.euatc.org) European Union of Associations of Translation Companies representing 13 associations, including:
o Hellenic Association of Translation Companies (Greece)
o Association of Hungarian Translation Companies (Hungary)
o Federazione dei Centri di Traduzione ed Interpretariato (Italy)
o APET-Portuguese Association of Translation Companies (Portugal)
o ACT-Spanish Association of Translation Companies (Spain)
o CNET-National Chamber of Translation Companies (France)
o ATC - Association of Translation Companies (UK)
o Belgian Quality Translation Association (Belgium)
o ATA - Association of Translation Agencies (Netherlands)
o QSD - Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschlands (Germany)
o SKTOL - Association of Finnish Translation Companies (Finland)
o AETC - Association of Estonian Translation Companies (Estonia).
• GALA (www.gala-global.org) Globalization and Localization Association (USA)
• GMS (http://www.global-conference.com/) Global Meeting Services, Inc. (USA), representing
o TILP (www.tilponline.org) The Institute of Localisation Professionals (Ireland)
o Unicode (www.unicode.org) Unicode Inc. (USA)
• LISA (www.lisa.org) Localization Industry Standards Association (Switzerland)